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I was just passing through Lyon for a week's worth of business. I think everyone has heard that Lyon is the capital of French gastronomy, so I thought it best to try a wide variety of restaurants. On the advice of my local contacts I tried lunch and dinner all over town. I was so moved by the evening I enjoyed at Les Tables Rondes that I felt obliged to share my knowledge with others interested in a nice night out in Lyon. The 6th or 6eme arrondissement is a safe, quiet residential area of Lyon, slightly off the beaten tourist tracks but in reality not far at all from the centre of town. Within an easy stroll of Massena Metro, I enjoyed the warm, friendly and professional service at the round tables or Les Tables Rondes. The menu offers nice choice. It's very clean but with a pleasant ambience. The food proved delicious and all was properly priced. So, in summary, my advice to visitors is to stay away from the tourist traps and get to know some of the real food capital of the world that the Lyonnais are fortunate to have on their doorstep. In which case, I encourage you to try Les Tables Rondes and hope you find it as pleasant as I did. Thank you to the staff for a very nice meal and a pleasant evening.

Pour un anniversaire, cela avait mal commence... Problèmes pour se garer... mais apres quelques kirs, tout redevient normal, on échange nos places, moi au bar, elle à table... bref un bon moment de convivialite et une cuisine lyonnaise... pour un bouchon c'est bien normal...

Un amis m'a recommandé vôtre resto, là comme ça mine de rien, bon c'était un régal de A à Z, très fin, de super associations... nickel. Nicolas

Les Lyonnais : pour ou contre

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Quick Gare Part Dieu

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